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Product Info
Paint&Wear T-shirt is a t-shirt painting kit including a 100%-cotton t-shirt and six ultra-washable markers. The specialty of the markers is that it can easily be removed without rubbing off on the other laundries while machine or hand-washing. With this specialty, children will be able to paint for several times. The markers are imported from Austria and do not contain any toxic substances which are harmful for children.
There are reports received on that matter.
The fabrics used are 100% cotton and do not cause shrinkage or skewness.
At the sales areas, they are sold for 12 months without any summer-winter divisions.
We can reprint the t-shirt and the packaging of this product with special designs for our customers, which we present with an elegant and steady packaging.


It is performed by laying the t-shirt on a flat surface, placing a paper or cardboard underneath. T-shirt will be ready to wear 5 minutes after painting. As t-shirts are made of first-class compact combed cotton, they do not get damaged by washing. T-shirts will be able to be worn without paintings afterwards.


It can easily be removed from fabric and skin with cold water.
Due to their wide points, they do not get broken or bent.
With their lids open, they do not dry out until three 3 weeks.
Lids are conforming to the European Safety standards.
They do not contain toxic substances.
They have EN 71 and CE certificates.
WARNING: Paint&Wear T-shirt painting kit is not suitable for use by children under 3.
  • The “UNICEF Children’s Festival” was organized on Sunday, April 27th 2014 with the collaboration of Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Mövenpick Hotel.
  • On January 28th- February 2nd 2015 we attended the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair that is organized in Nurnberg, Germany. We also displayed our products in Trend Gallery.
  • 20-21 th January we atended the Museum Connections Fair that is Organized in Paris, FRANCE.